Sgraffito Turkish peshtemal

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Oversized, linear peshtamel is a versatile addition to your home and practice.Super absorbent and fast-drying, this hand-loomed towel takes up less space, is easy to carry and is therefore used as an alternative in your bathroom, spa, pool, beach, sport facility and hot yoga studio. Versatile that it can be used as a towel, throw, blanket, table cloth or even a baby blanket.

Traditionally hand-loomed from 100% Turkish cotton in Turkey. 

39" x 69" (95 cm x 175 cm )

Care: Wash warm before first use. Machine wash or warm hand wash.

Our peshtemals are made by artisans in the Denizli region of Turkey. Their traditional weaving method has been used for generations. 
So making these towels is a real talent. Only a few towels can be made on one loom per day. In small villages of Denizli, we support local artisans so this tradition can stay alive and pass to the next generation. Our artisans are generally in their 50s, men and women. Their working conditions are quite good. 


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