Shakti Bracelets

$24.00 $18.00

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc; it doesn't tarnish or loose its color in water. Our Shakti Bracelets are sturdy and very sexy. They look great alone or combined and layered. Like a play in contrasts, one feels both upscale and bohemian when wearing these. We've experienced ourselves that they are addictive.


a) Princess Scallop  $24

Rigid brass material. Slips on through a 2.5" opening,  .5 oz. weight
b) Engraved Spiral   $36
Engraved and adjustable, 1 oz. weight
c) Almost-a-circle $28
Rigid brass material. Slips on through 2.5"-3" opening   .6 oz. weight. Subtle pattern will vary.    

One size fits most (between 2.5-2.75"), but if your wrists are particularly thin or wide and you require a size variation, please email us at

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