Priti Lucent Buddha: Coming Soon

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We searched high and low for a grounded, blooming buddha that you will cherish. Our hope is to enhance your practice and integrate it into your alter, mantle, or tabletop. It's sandblasted transparency allows light to pass through it, providing a glowing warmth to any room. Designed and produced exclusively for PRITI by South African artist Damien Grivas, each buddha statue is handmade with clear casting resin and translucent pigments, then sand-blasted for a soft matte finish. Damien is living proof that in this digital age, an artisan for commerce can actualize handmade, non-toxic products that have soul.

Each piece is handmade to capture its individuality, integrity and— no two are alike. You will occasionally see a few bubbles trapped in the castings. Damien is featured on our blog. 

A PRITI exclusive. Imported. 

Dimensions: 8" high x 6 5/8" wide x 5" deep
Weight: 2 lbs. 1 oz.
Materials: Handmade, natural resin
Colors: gold leaf, frosted, beach glass (color varies in tone and chroma)
Handle with care. 

If you are interested in the meaning of different buddha's and interested in learning how to meditate, here are some important tips:


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