Eco-friendly premium Kaivalya yoga towel


Kaivalya means the ultimate state of solitude, aloneness, isolation and detachment

Plush, lightweight, insanely absorbent and non-slip microfiber yoga towel that dries in minutes. Top-quality microfiber with extra-strength whipstitching on edges for maximum lifespan. Perfect amount of cushion, stability and responsiveness to reduce injuries and instantly improve your practice. Absorbs sweat and prevents slippage. 

Great for yoga, travel, the beach and active sporty lifestyles. 

Printed with non-fade, water-based eco-friendly inks. Machine washable and dryer safe. Curated by PRITI from Yoga Design Lab. 

Eco-friendly Long-lasting recycled PET microfiber printed with water based inks. 

24" x 72"

Care: Machine wash in the washing machine, and tumble dry low. 


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