Priti was created by Joanna Feldheim, a creative director and product developer who has been practicing Iyengar Yoga for more than 15 years. Recently, a thought occurred to her during her yoga class: “What’s with these itchy, acrylic Mexican horse saddle blankets?!”  She couldn’t figure out their relationship to the yoga experience and wondered where India was represented. That’s how Priti was born.

Priti [Sanskrit for joyful, rapture, bliss, delight and is one of the 7 limbs of enlightenment]* is an online store that produces, curates and sells an eclectic array of necessary, modular products that enhance one’s yoga practice while supporting cotton growers, artisans and communities.

In Joanna’s mind, it didn’t seem like too much to ask that a yoga blanket be functional enough to be well made and comfortable, and beautiful enough to keep on a couch, rather than hidden away like a yoga prop. And it only seemed fair that when you purchase that blanket, it could support the people who live where the practice of yoga comes from. Joanna passionately believes that yoga gear, wear and goods can be as enlightened as those who practice yoga strive to be themselves.

We are continually seeking to understand and support India's precious cotton farmers who are in a GMO pesticide crisis (see our blog and our program "Sharing the Warmth".) We support the eco-sustainable textile manufacturers and organic cotton farmers.

All of our organic blankets are woven under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), a textile certification of compliance for the processing of fibers from certified organic agriculture. Priti has made a commitment to partner with companies that offer proper wages and salaries to all involved.

We will continue to develop and curate new product that meets our sustainable, responsible and practical standards. Product that is timeless and reciprocal, focused and natural. We are not interested in delegating complexity or trends. We are looking to integrate the calm of nature into lifestyles that yearn to be more peaceful.

Enlightenment is about imparting knowledge; one can’t do thatwithout questioning what we've come to know.  

*Prīti in Sanskrit, is a mental factor (Pali:cetasika, Sanskrit: chaitasika) associated with the concentrative absorption (Sanskrit: dhyana; Pali: jhana) of Buddhist meditation. Piti is a very specific joy associated with a state of deep tranquillity. It is often translated with the English words "joy" or "rapture" and is distinguished from the longer-lasting meditative "pleasure" or "happiness" (Pali, Sanskrit: sukha) that arises along with pīti.


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