Organic Cloud Ten Quilted Yoga Mat Topper

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Our exclusive Organic Cloud Ten Quilted Yoga Mat Topper is an exciting new yoga, meditation, pilates and general exercise tool!

We literally cut our Cloud Nine Blanket in half widthwise to cover just your mat— to yield a simple and versatile yoga accessory. Our Cloud Ten is designed to roll, fold, ease your bones and softly cushion your muscles.

Here are some fresh ideas for using this yoga tool:

- Mat topper, folded cushion, rolled pillow

- Folded in quarters, eighths and thirds to substitute as a bolster

- Warms and cushions during floor postures and all general floor work

- Cushioned top layer for Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) and Viparita Karani (inverted leg posture)

- Protects your hips and holds Rope Sirsasana (ropes headstand). Does not slip like woven blankets 

- Padded layer for sitting during meditation and pranayama

- Savasana blanket with arms exposed 

Once you begin practicing with it you will see how well it enhances your practice!

- 100% organic unbleached quilted cotton with natural kapok fill (fibres obtained from the large tropical kapok tree)
- Plus sign shaped folding lines to be used as a guide when folding into fours
- Embroidered PRITI leaf and sewn cotton PRITI label
- Modular mix-and-match size, and design to coordinate with all PRITI products


Dimensions: 24" x 71" sized to cover your yoga mat

Weight: 1 lb. 8 oz.

A PRITI exclusive. Imported.

unbleached khadi 

Care Instructions:
Machine or hand wash wash cold, medium drying cycle or hang dry;
Or Dry Clean. Do not bleach. 

Note: This product is filled with natural kapok; there may be slightly increased drying time.

Wholesale Pricing available upon request:


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