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Priti has been a labor of love— supported by keen interest, generosity and overwhelming kindness.

Thank You:
Jay and Susan Abend, Maxwell Hudson, Abe Samuel, Lisa Rotell, DeMane Davis, Bill Hovard, Lezle Stein, Christopher Ray Mankowski, Jacquie Ruderman, Kanan Kapila, Nancy Witters, Barbara English, Jessica Feldheim, Sue Herman, Jillian Pransky, Ruth and Robert Feldheim, Miche Feldheim, Leah Caplan and Mr Selvam for offering their expertise, advice, generosity and commitment. 

Photography and Video: Maxwell Hudson, Sam Friedman
Models and Yogis:              
Barbara English, Kanan Kapila, Anupam Manish, Tamara Crowley, Nick Bosco, Olivier Michaud, Lisa Rotell, Jacquie Ruderman, Laurie Fusco

director | digital video | editor: Maxwell Hudson
make-up: Laura Mitchell, Lindsey Jackson
asana series concept & creation: Joanna Feldheim  
advertising content: DeMane Davis     
conceived and founded by: Joanna Feldheim


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