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  • Joanna Feldheim says...

    Hey Joel,
    Thanks for your post. Lisa is graceful and centered. She teaches balancing against the wall of course like most of us…! Take care.

    On Nov 15, 2013

  • Joel Miller says...

    Really a very nice site to visit love the merchandise, the simple yet informative vids showing how to properly use your blankets and how they can benefit your in home practice I find to be very informative, as well as educational. I’m not quite there yet as to pulling off a free standing forearm head stand from a frog like position so effortlessly as it appeasers to be for the yoga babe in the video. But for me that is what keeps me moving forward with my practice . Not only does it help keep my mind and body centered, balanced and focused. I know one day I too will be able to pull off a move like that, Don’t know when that day will be.But when it comes it will be huge

    On Nov 15, 2013

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