While combing the world for just the right Buddha for our Priti Collection, we consider ourselves lucky to have found Damien. Damien is an artist and product developer who lives in South Africa. His quality of work, passion and lifestyle impressed us so much, we wanted to share his thoughts too. Damien is living proof that people in this digital age can actualize handmade, non-toxic products that have soul.

"I was born to Greek parents in Johannesburg on the 11th July 1967 in Apartheid South Africa. The majority of my school years were spent at SAHETI, a private Greek school in Johannesburg’s Eastern suburbs. I then chose to complete my last two years of schooling at The Johannesburg High School of Art, Drama, Music and Ballet. Quite a mouth-full I know. From a very early age I found that drawing and painting were the best way to express myself. It was a natural unconscious process that just happened.

At first I was only inspired to draw “out” (out, as in from my mind and out through my hand onto paper) the images that begged for freedom from imagination. But as I’ve grown older I am inspired more and more by the random, organic and free-of-judgement processes in nature which I try to incorporate into my own personal creative process. In order to do this I‘ve found that a certain amount of child-like playfulness is required. I’ve always wanted to be a fine artist but have struggled with the idea of people buying something that just sits on a wall and looks pretty.

My goal is to create functional home décor fine-art pieces and fine-art that is functional home decor. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love what I do."

"The joy I get from shaping conceptual
ideas into something physically
tangible is one of the reasons
I get out of bed every morning.”


  • Albert Meintjes says...

    Hi Damion. Albert here. We have lost contact for some years now , I guess you have changed your phone number. I love and have always loved your artwork. I need something small paited for my livingroom. Please contact me on my old number 0833201967 Regards Albert

    On Apr 04, 2024

  • Ky says...

    His range is beautiful , and his words wonderful and inspiring. Im looking forward to seeing more from him !


    On Nov 15, 2013

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